The girl’s body stolen from a grave 20 years after death to get married

Unknown dug up from the grave the body of 18-year-old girl who died over 20 years ago. This publication reports The Sun.

The incident occurred in the Chinese province of Hebei. The victim’s parents two decades ago, a young girl crying in the cemetery.

The attackers left at the burial site only a pair of gloves. Now the cops are after them.

As it turned out, in China there is a belief that the dead were not alone in the afterlife, they must be married. It is therefore often the bodies symbolically crowned after their death. This occurs most often with the consent of both relatives. But it also happens that the bodies of the dead buy the rite of passage. The prices for dead brides can be up to tens of thousands of dollars.

The victims said that a few days before the incident came to them and asked to dig up the corpse of their daughter for such a ceremony. They refused. Apparently, the attackers decided to implement his plan against the will of the parents of the dead girl.

Photos and videos: AsiaWire

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