The man wanted to kidnap the girl and rushed her to the karate Studio. Don’t have to do this

Unusual incident happened to the offender in the U.S. state of North Carolina. He tried to kidnap the girl and take her to the car. But she escaped. Fleeing from the villain, the girl ran to the gym where classes were held in karate. There arrived a man. And then…

And then the bad man came face to face with Randall Ephraim, Sensei Studio Bushiken Karate in Charlotte, reports the CNN.

But before the frightened girl told the coach of karate and his students about the Stalker. He soon declared himself. The man said he came for the girl. Said, supposedly no theft, no, he knows this person. Sensei believed the girl. The man he asked to leave the premises.

The offender still lunged for its prey. But on his way stood Randall. And the students at that time called the police. It turned out that the large attacker was in a condition of narcotic intoxication, which gave him extra strength. But Sensei handled the aggressor.

Making sure the enemy can not win, the villain decided to hide in one of the buildings that are close to the Studio. But he followed the disciples of Ephraim. In the end, arrived at the emergency police quickly found and calmed down a criminal. Later he established his identity – it was a 46-year-old August Williams, previously convicted for drug possession and robbery.

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