The man was taken out of the bus and left to die in the snow

A terrible incident that happened on 4 January in Murmansk, strikes with cynicism.

Later in the evening a local resident was returning home in a minibus. On the way, the man became ill. The driver, along with one of the passengers, dragged his body outside and left in the snow. Note that the man at that time already showed no signs of life.

The other passengers who were in the bus, also reacted indifferently to the fate of the victim. They did not even pay attention to what’s next with a man who needed the help of physicians, no one is left.

Lying in the snow, a man found by a passerby, who was a medic. He called for an ambulance and assistance, despite the fact that the victim had no pulse. Doctors promptly arrived on the scene, unable to do anything.

It should be noted that the deceased was dressed neatly. From him came the smell of alcohol and there were no other grounds on which it was possible to think that he’s drunk.

Photo: © Banowati

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