The most anticipated movies of 2019

This year promises to be eventful and rich in the premiere. Thus, it became known about what films are the most expected from all spectators of the world.

“The Avengers. The final”
Of course, this film can be called the most anticipated. It is known that the premiere will take place on April 25. The main characters have to defeat Thanos, which, recall, destroyed all. It is expected that this film will be the last of “the Avengers”.

“Mary Poppins returns”
In second place is the famous tale of magic that deals with the education of children. On January 3, spectators of all ages can appreciate the beautiful game of actors, special effects and an incredible plot that will plunge you into a magical world.

“Captain Marvel”
Of course, many fans of the Marvel universe have been waiting for this film to be devoted only to one hero. In the movie will tell the story of the pilot Carol Danvers. It is assumed that this girl’s a superhero will help the team “the Avengers” to defeat Thanos.

“The lion king”
This cartoon was truly a legend. All cried over the scene with the death of Mufasa. Now the fans of this movie will be lucky enough to experience this touching story again.

All the well-known favorite story about the elephant returns to the screens. Adults and children will be able to watch a good movie on March 28.

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