The ruptures of internal organs and fractures: five children were injured while riding on the tubing

Last weekend turned into a tragedy for six families. Riding a roller coaster, the children received serious injuries and was in the hospital. As a young man, faced on the tubing with a light pole, dead.

Concussion, ruptures of internal organs and fractures – these consequences arose due to the fact that people ignored the safety measures.

So, in Minsk, six-year-old raced from the hill to the tubing and collided with a tree. He was hospitalized with multiple fractures and a serious head injury. A similar story happened to 9-year-old schoolgirl from the village of Leskovka.

Riding a roller coaster is over for 8-year-old Minsk resident resuscitation: it also collided with a tree.

In the capital, two kids while riding on the tubing collided with each other. It’s also not ended well.

And in Vaukavysk 11-year-old boy was in the hospital with ruptures of internal organs. Unfortunately, at high speed he collided with the stones.

A real tragedy happened in Mogilev. Recall, 24-year-old boy while riding on the tubing hit his head on a pole. The injury proved fatal.

SK urges Belarusians to be more careful during these winter activities.

Photo: © Banowati

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