The Union state has an official anthem

The Union state has its own anthem. It is reported, the Public chamber of the SG.

For more than 20-year history in the Union state and have not been assigned to the state symbols. Hampered by the lack of an accepted constitutional act for this reason. However, the competition was held the “Civic symbols of the Union state” and the Belarusian-Russian Union there was a national anthem.

The text of the anthem includes verses in Belarusian and Russian languages, which alternate, and the last verse alternating lines. Anthem created a Belarusian-Russian collective.

The executor of the hymn and the author is people’s artist of Belarus Anatoly Yarmolenko and the composer gave the people’s artist of Russia Pavel Ovsyannikov. Written by Ivan Yurkin and Simon Osiashvili.

Photo: © Banowati

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