The woman that 14 years is in a coma, gave birth to a child

Unusual incident happened at the clinic Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix (United States).

29 Dec patient who is in a coma for more than 14 years, gave birth to a child. This case has shocked not only the employees but also local residents.

In the hospital a woman came after the drowning. Doctors do not provide information as to whether it was accident or suicide attempt. However, for many years the victim is unconscious and no hope for recovery is very small.

Pregnancy the hospital staff found already on the deadline. Nobody could not assume that inside the patient the fetus of the baby.

So, before the New year with a caesarean section for the birth of the baby.

On this fact criminal case. The investigators checked all working in the hospital men.

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Photo: © Banowati

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