Three-year-old managed to escape from the taiga to -35 degrees

An incredible event occurred with a three year old boy from Russia. 35 degrees of a frost, he was in the forest and were able to get. The baby was 3 kilometres along the snowy road.

According to Russian media, the boy was left in the forest alone because his father on a snowmobile fell through the ice. A resident of the Kenai mountains in Khabarovsk Krai managed to land the son when the Buran began to fail. After that he tried to turn, but the technique completely disappeared under the water.

The last words heard by the child from the father – to go quickly, without stopping, to the mother. A woman working in a General store. The boy got out of the forest, but by mistake went in the opposite direction from the village side. Fortunately, he saw one of the locals.

According to doctors, at present, the health of the baby is not in danger. The search continues for his father, although it is noted that there is a small chance of finding him alive.

Photo: © Banowati

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