Zhirinovsky called on to replace show old comedies on TV, modern

Zhirinovsky: Christmas Comedy weary.

The head of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky called on to replace the old Comedy to new movies in a television broadcast in the New year.

It is reported the Russian inforeactor.ru with reference to the policy message published by him in his Telegram channel.

In his message, the leader of the liberal democratic party said that the Comedy, which was broadcast all TV channels on new year’s eve “good movies”, but for the younger generation they are of no interest.

While Zhirinovsky said that the part of the older generation does not want to watch these movies. Viewers, according to the politician, already know the story and the movie characters.

Zhirinovsky called on to put on the screens of other movies, “to”.

Photo: inforeactor.ru

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