260 truckloads of gold In Germany published a map of the treasures of the Third Reich

In Germany, on display, presented the diary of a German officer Egon Ollenhauer, which tells where in Poland the hidden treasures of the Third Reich.

The Daily Mail reports that in the diary it is written that Hitler had instructed him to hide in 11 places in Poland 260 truckloads of treasures.

The third Reich did it to the Soviet troops were unable to set the location values.

In this activity, the author of this journal played a major role and served as an intermediary between the Nazis and the Polish aristocrats, who wished to hide the jewelry from the Soviet authorities.

According to the records of the diary, in one of the caches is stored almost 28 tonnes of gold, other hidden gold coins, medals, jewelry and other valuables. Another hid the 47 works of art that managed to steal from France.

Today, the diary is the property of the Fund Schlesische Brücke.

It is noted that the record was found in a Masonic Lodge in the town of Quedlinburg in Germany.

Photo: Pixabay

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