A concerned father came to school with an AK-47 and threatened teachers with violence

In American state Florida police has arrested a man, who came to school with an AK-47.

About the incident, local media reported. It became known that the weapons in the educational establishment he appeared in order to protect his son.

The man came to the school immediately after he called crying son. Then the teacher snatched from the hands of a child a phone that is eventually dropped and the call disconnected.

In the school building, the man drove to a wheelchair. According to the guard, he was very angry and was looking for the person who hurt his child.

One of the workers noticed a gun that was loaded. According to the man, he always carries it around to protect themselves from criminals. Arrived at the scene the police detained him.

To release on bail a caring father can not. A criminal case was opened.

Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriffs office

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