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A friend lived and left, taking the things of mogilevski


New friend was kidnapped from the apartment of good-natured mistress of the equipment and things.

To the operatives of the city of Mogilev in December I addressed 39-the summer townswoman who claimed that from her apartment house on the street Burdenko was the stolen things.

According to the victim, the thief may be a friend of hers.

About it informs the press service of the internal Affairs of the Mogilyov regional Executive Committee. It is reported that in the course of investigation it was established that from the apartment of the declarant’s missing a video recorder, gas stove and dvd player.

The damage to or amounted to 250 rubles. Militiamen found out that the things mistress was kidnapped by 29-year-old resident of the city of Krichev, a nurse one of the healthcare institutions of the city.

The applicant met with the nurse, when I was undergoing treatment in a hospital. Good-natured or invited friend, having a housing problem, should move to it.

However, the new girlfriend two months later went to the apartment of mogilevski, taking her things.

The woman was arrested, she is charged with part 1 of article 205 of the criminal code.

Photo: © Banowati


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