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A mother poisoned five year old son with his blood


The inhabitant of American state Virginia has poisoned his son by injecting his own blood when he was in the hospital.

Five-year-old boy suffered from constant bleeding. Only in the last two months seven times he was in the hospital. It is reported by NBC New York.

The woman was dissatisfied with the methods of treatment. She tried to attract the attention of doctors.

It all started in April of last year. The mother of a five year old boy began to inject him with his blood.

The boy was in intensive care and could not go on the amendment. In the house, it was decided to install a surveillance camera after the nurse saw the syringe in the mother and the bloody napkin.

The child was constantly high temperature, but also noted a fever.

The court decided to arrest the woman. The verdict will be announced in may of this year.

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