A new victim appeared in the case about the explosion at the house in Borisov – passing by girl

On December 5 it became known that the explosion of an apartment house in Borisov suffered another man – a schoolgirl who was passing by, returning home from classes.

It is reported by the ONT. 10-grader Karina at the time of the explosion had time to sit down and go, okay, but still was wounded in the hand by piece of glass. She returned to school, where she was given first aid.

According to neighbors, they still “lucky” – next to the exploding house is a school and public transport. They also said that after the explosion the injured owner of the house should be able to walk to this bus stop, but did not ask for help – I was in shock. Currently he is in intensive care in an induced coma – he has burns on 40% of the body.

The exploding house was considered the most “solid” in the area of his master’s neighbors describe positively, although they know not much about him – he said Hello, drank, wanted to expand the building, was ready the Foundation for the bath and garage.

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SK: in the investigation there is a version on the explosion of the house in Borisov.

In Borisov exploded house, one person was injured.

Photo: MCHS

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