A policeman from St. Petersburg received a life sentence for murder for the sake of apartments

The St. Petersburg city court sentenced a former district police officer Sergei Krokhina to life in prison for killing six people in order to seize their property.

The investigation revealed that Krokhin with three accomplices in the period from 2011 to 2015, fraudulently took possession of other people’s apartments. Criminals have found the people of St. Petersburg, who have owned housing.

While the intruders were only interested in drug addicts or people suffering from alcoholism. Criminals faked their “natural” death, and then resold their apartments. So they killed six people. Sergey Krokhin personally killed two people.

Krokhin served in the police for more than 15 years, has always been in good standing. Serving in Chechnya won several awards. When he was arrested, he was already retired. The rest of his life he will spend in prison. His accomplices were also sentenced to long terms of imprisonment.

Photo: United press-service of the courts of Saint-Petersburg

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