A schoolgirl died in a mental hospital: the doctors messed up heart disease with depression

Russian schoolgirl died because of medical mistakes. A girl from the town of Gusev, Kaliningrad region, died in the emergency room of a psychiatric hospital.

Mother of the deceased said that in this establishment, her daughter has written to the doctors who made the diagnosis – “deep depression”. The girl died from left ventricular failure.

The first signs of disease in 15-year-old girl was discovered in early January. She couldn’t eat, constantly felt weakness and drowsiness. In February, her condition worsened. The ambulance took the girl to hospital – she was sent to the neurosurgery Department. Two days later, angelina’s legs were paralyzed.

I moved away from Gels. In the toilet were on hand trying to feed. She couldn’t eat – daughter vomited. Per week Gel lost about 10 kg weight, had trouble moving my hands, barely hold my head up, coordination was completely broken, – said the mother of the schoolgirl.

Soon the girl was deaf in one ear, she lost her voice, it became difficult to breathe. And the mother said that the daughter allegedly severe depression, so treatment she is placed in psychiatric clinic. The ambulance is not provided – the girl was taken in a taxi.

In the hospital waiting room took the time to help the teenager. Mother and daughter waited half an hour until one of the nurses said about the necessity of signing angelina documents.

She assigned us a paper and pen. I was at a complete loss. Tried to seat the Gel, and then her daughter’s face twisted into a spasm. It instantly turned yellow, jaws unnatural “broke”, it was like a horror movie… I hysterically yelled. We rushed to the people, the nurse began to pump it, – the woman remembers.

Doctors tried to resuscitate the girl to no avail. Upon the death of a teenager check is performed by the Prosecutor’s office and the regional Ministry of health. The girl’s mother was sure that the doctors have committed a criminal offense, so she intends to apply to the health Ministry and the Investigative Committee.

Photo: © Banowati

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