A suspect in the murder of his wife, tried to frame his 9-year-old daughter

A failed stockbroker accused of killing his wife, tried to frame 9-year-old daughter. This publication reports the New York Post.

The new Yorker named Genus Cowlin decided to shift the blame for the murder of his little daughter. For this man created in the mobile phone girls article, which from her face confessed to the crime. He wrote a sentimental letter about how the kid pushed his mom down the stairs:

“All this time I was very scared and felt guilty about the night my mother died. I lied! She just slipped… that day we quarreled because of her dates. I got mad and pushed her. I didn’t want to hurt her, I swear!”

The tragic incident happened on the eve of the New year. 45-year-old Rod had a fight with his wife and snapped her neck. From the received traumas the woman died right in your own bathroom. So, the killer got the idea to stage an accident, blame it on my daughter. At the time the child was barely 9 years.

It is also known that the detainee was fond of female escorts and drugs.

Photo: © Steven Hirsch

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