American traveled 5,300 kilometers to complain to YouTube for remote video

A resident of the US drove 5 300 km to deal with Google on why they removed his video.

Beginner blogger Kyle long has published on its YouTube channel a video that he thought was brilliant. According to the American, he found the path to riches and told him about it in his video. He believed that his ideas will allow you to get rich for all people and will bring him millions of dollars.

To find that his account has been deleted, the man went to California to speak with Google representatives. The intention of the American was serious, because with him he took three bits. The police managed to prevent crime. Longa was arrested, to go far he has failed.

Wife of the detainee admitted that he deleted the channel her husband, tired of his ideas. Later, the psychiatrists diagnosed bipolar disorder long.

Photo: Pixabay

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