Became known the cause of the murder of 16-year-old girl in the Kruglyansky district

The girl in the Kruglyansky district, was killed because of jealousy.

This statement was made Deputy head of the USK in the Mogilev region Vadim Khomchenko the TV channel ONT.

Recall March 11 in the evening in an abandoned house in the village of Pilkovici was discovered the corpse of a young girl. It was later revealed that the murder involved the beloved deceased.

Because of jealousy, he strangled with a scarf her feet.

According to the USK in Mogilev, between the victim and 20-year-old boyfriend was a loving relationship. Before the tragedy broke out between them quarrel because of jealousy.The day of the murder suspect was released from a correctional facility, where he spent a month for evading conscription.

To establish the identity of the killer was by the found traces and objects sent for examination.

The suspect was arrested six hours later in 20 km from Milkovica.

Photo: © Banowati

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