Belarus to deport a man to Iran, where he faces the death penalty

A native of Iran Mehrdad Jamshidian resides in the territory of Belarus since 1993. His wife is a native of Belarus, and together they are raising three children.

Eight years ago, in Iran, killed the mother and brother of Mehrdad. During the incident the man was in Belarus, however, militiamen Iran’s suspect him of a crime.

According to Human rights organization Human Constanta, the Iranian authorities were asked to send Mehrdad home, however, the Belarusian side refused, because the Iranian authorities did not provide sufficient grounds.

Since then, a foreigner was arrested, deprived of a residence permit. He is now refusing to provide citizenship and refugee status.

In prison the man is in June 2018. There he suffered a heart attack, and his son – cancer in the bony brain. Now the cancer found in his wife.

In 2017, the UN has found that Mehrdad at home face torture and the death penalty.

Human rights activists call foreign Ministry to extradite the Mehrdad Jamshidian.

According to the Belarusian legislation, it is forbidden to send people to a country where they risked torture or the death penalty.

Photo: © Banowati

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