Home Accidents Belarusians night left the baby in the Volyn forest

Belarusians night left the baby in the Volyn forest


The incident happened on the international highway Brest — Kovel close to the border crossing point “domanove”.

In the Ukrainian police last Thursday called Belarusian, who told militiamen that in the woods during the spot was gone a young boy who was riding with adults in one of the cars.

Ukrainian police immediately went to the scene. During expeditious actions it was established that a group of Belarusians the two vehicles were traveling in Ukraine.

After crossing the border in domanove they decided to stop and rest a while near the forest. After a short walk they reached the village Kopachivka, where he was aware of the fact that minors are not with them.

The kid ended well. “Poteryashka” found in one of the shops located at the checkpoint. The teenager, realizing that the adults had left without him, went to PP “domanove”, where he decided to wait for their relatives.

Photo: © Banowati


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