Decided to make a selfie: Jaguar in zoo attacked a visitor

In the zoo of Arizona (USA) a woman was attacked by a Jaguar: she got deep wounds on his hands.

The incident happened because the visitors of the zoo. The woman jumped the fence and got too close to the cage to take a selfie with the animal.

As soon as the woman took the phone, the animal pounced on her. In the result the victim received deep wounds on hands. She needed medical help.

The zoo management said that the guilt of the animal in this. The girl broke the rules of the zoo itself, so Jaguar put to sleep will not.

#BREAKING: Rural Metro has responded to a report of a woman getting attacked by a jaguar at Wildlife World Zoo.

Courtesy: Adam Wilkerson

— FOX 10 Phoenix (@FOX10Phoenix) 10 Mar 2019

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