Elections in Ukraine: Poroshenko received a black mark from USA

American analysts came to the conclusion that the current President of Ukraine is not satisfied with the United States.

About it have informed the Ukrainian mass media, noting that the President’s actions aimed at improving the situation regarding his popularity among the voters is doomed to failure.

American analytical center late last month published material, which States that “the Ukrainian President does not deserve a second term”.

So Washington’s reaction to the actions of Poroshenko says that the Ukrainian leader loses its appeal as a political leader in the eyes of the US.

In the article the analytical center in a rebuke to Poroshenko is the fact that he failed and failed in the fight against corruption and oligarchs, corrupt officials all remained and continue to work in their places.

When Poroshenko infringed the rights of a free press, all the media “concentrated in the hands of oligarchs.”

Photo: president.gov.ua

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