First-grader got into a fight with a psychologist: both were doctors

In school first-grader got into a fight with a psychologist. Apparently, to reach out to the child’s consciousness and identity specialist.

The incident happened in Moscow. In fact the fight is being tested, Russian media reported.

It is noted that someone called the police and reported that on the street Korneychuk an adult, school counselor, beat student of the first class. Assault master of psychology practiced during recess.

The mother of the injured child said that her son had quarreled with classmates. Psychologist and “dragged” it to the class to calm down. After this reassurance, the boy was diagnosed with a superficial head injury, bruises and abrasions.

However appealed to doctors and a psychologist. In the hospital she was diagnosed with multiple contusions of hands.

Photo: © Banowati

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