Flushed the mattress. The house is flooded because of clog in the sewer

An unusual situation occurred in St. Petersburg. Multi-storey house was flooded with sewage after the tenants trashed a children’s mattress.

That day in one of the houses in St. Petersburg there was a real emergency. The cellar quickly began to flood with sewage. Everywhere was a suffocating stench.

Arrived on the scene, the utility figured out what was wrong. As it turned out, someone decided to flush a four-foot mattress:

“The reason for the flooding was a blockage in the sewer pipe with a diameter of 300 mm. was what was stuck in the mattress from teenage beds with a length of approximately 1.5 meters”

Large culprit of blockage of sewage still removed. According to experts, people often flush items. But with such a case they are faced for the first time.

Staff emergency crews did not call the tenants name the culprit.

Photo: © Banowati

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