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For the attack dogs on people in the Grodno region for the year made up more than 60 protocols


For 2018 in Grodno region for dog owners was 63 Protocol for the attack of their Pets on people.

On 8 February I informed a press-service of Department of internal Affairs Grodno regional Executive Committee.

Law enforcement authorities note that the main reason for such incidents is the carelessness of pet owners. In particular, in the spring a resident of Smorgon forgot to close the cage with the Caucasian shepherd, she jumped out and attacked a passerby.

In Grenoble, the French bulldog, which the owner brought for a walk without a muzzle, was bitten by a 4 year old child.

Incidents could be avoided if owners followed the rules of keeping animals, – stressed in the police Department.

In total last year for violating the rules of keeping animals in the field has prosecuted more than 750 people.

Photo: © Banowati


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