Foreign Ministry: Belarusian citizens among the victims of the explosion in Paris no

The Belarusian foreign Ministry commented on the blast in the heart of Paris.

12.01.2019 in Paris explosion. It has affected more than 20 people, and some of them are in serious condition. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belarus provided information on whether among the victims were citizens of Belarus.

In social networks representatives of the Belarusian foreign Ministry confirmed the absence of victims among Belarusians. The Embassy of Belarus in France continues to maintain close contact with law enforcement in this country.

According to preliminary information, the explosion occurred due to gas leak in the bakery located on Rue Trevise. The explosion was of such force that completely destroyed the premises of the bakery on the ground floor of the building.

Emergency services are evacuating people and eliminate the consequences of the incident.

Photo: © Banowati

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