“Hands-Bazooka” in the title role, Buzova and at least: what is known about the filming of “Brother-3”

Became known the details of the filming of “Brother-3”. According to Stas Barackula, the picture will be “the bomb”.

Showman Stas Baretsky has expressed a desire to shoot a sequel of the legendary film “Brother-2”. He had already prepared everything in order to put his dream into life. In his microblog producer shared some details of the upcoming filming of the third part.

The main role went to a famous blogger Cyril Tereshina, famous by the nickname “Hands-Bazookas”. The young man with deformed muscles, or as it is called “Sinology Jock”, play for Bodrov.

Directed by Stas Baretsky sure Tereshin will bring the film’s incredible success:

It will be a bomb – so he announced the film “Brother-3”.

The work will involve Anastasia and Nikita Dzhigurda. Baretsky is going to invite to the role of the singer Olga Buzova, and Sergei Shnurov write the soundtrack.

It is important to note that all actors who acted in this movie earlier, called the idea of shooting continue to be unsuccessful.

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