“Horrors of our town”. A resident of Vitebsk relieve themselves on the bus

The other day in one of the buses in Vitebsk there was an unpleasant incident – the drunk citizen to relieve themselves directly into the cabin.

Information about this appeared on February 28 in the group of “Atypical Vitebsk” (+18, video obscene language) to a social network “Vkontakte”.

The horrors of our town and its eternal problem. 15th bus. Time 14:20, stop, Tare, – reads the caption to publish.

In the comments one of vitebchanin wrote that he knows who it was. According to her, the hero of the video works in “Gordormost” and “thumps every day.”

Photo: © Banowati

Video: VK / “Atypical Vitebsk”

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