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“I’m drunk and it’s easier for me to die” Before death of a 14-year-old launched an online stream


16 December in Moscow, passers-by found on the street the body of a 14-year-old.

It turned out that before he died, he launched the online broadcast of his act on social networks.

However live did not last long. To it was time to join only a few people. Apparently, they did not understand the seriousness of the statements of a teenager.

The probable cause of this desperate act of the boy could be depressed. He had no Hobbies, no permanent friends. All because of that birth often moved from city to city. At one point they never had more than six months.

One day the student went to the street, drank from loneliness and despair. After that, he went to the balcony 16-etazhki.

Join the live audience as a teenager said:

“Dude, right now I just jump on ***, I ***, bro, I’m just ***. I’m drunk and therefore it’s easier for me to do it. I’m on easy right now, all it will do. *** To live”

Last words to the camera were:

“It’s easy, it costs [to do]”

And after a few minutes the student did not.

Photo: © Banowati


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