In Baranavichy unknown gouged the eyes of a stray dog

In Baranavichy there was a terrible incident – unknown gouged the eyes of a stray dog.

Information about this was published March 2 in the community of “Intex-press, Baranovichi” (to link to is not recommended for impressionable people) in a social network “Vkontakte”. For ethical reasons we do not publish photos of the affected animal.

As reported by concerned citizens, which is currently engaged in the rescue of a dog named Boris, formerly the dog has become the victim of unknown Skinner – she has twice smashed his head.

According to the latest information, at the moment the dog do surgery.

One eye is, its trying to save. The second punctured. Doctor 100% said that the person who did it. Overexposure found, surgery pay ourselves (fin. the fee is not lead). The statement will be written in the course of the day – said in the review for publication.

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Photo: VKontakte

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