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In Berlin showed a teaser of the film based on the book by Svetlana Alexievich


In Berlin presented the teaser of the film “Giant” which is an adaptation of the book Svetlana Aleksievich “At war not a woman’s face”.

At the Berlin film market, introduced only three scenes of the film. Very soon there will be a full trailer for the movie.

Not so long ago a young Russian Director of the Cantemir Balakov was looking at the role of actors with the physical characteristics: some of them had to be without legs, some without hands and fingers.

As explained by one of the producers of the films Alexander Rodnyansky in his microblog on Instagram, the birth of the film – it’s always an exciting phenomenon.

So, 27-year-old Cantemir, and 24-year-old operator Ksenia Sereda, and I experienced almost the same. Wild Bunch has been prepared and the first teaser poster for his catalog, which I want to share with you – written by Rodnyansky in Instagram.

Photo: Instagram


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