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In Brest announced the verdict in the case of the brutal murder of a young woman


A native of Stolin district, was sentenced to 24 years in prison for the murder of bestchance.

Fatal tragedy occurred on the evening of September 16 last year. 26-year-old Brest went Cycling around the city. Later a young woman stopped communicating.

During the investigation militiamen on the streets of the city was found by her bike. The girl’s body was found after almost 10 days.

Were established and the identity of the suspect. He was repeatedly convicted a man born in 1972. After his arrest, the man confessed that he had dragged his victim into the domestic premises of the shopping centre, where they dealt with her.

He then dumped the corpse into a manhole storm sewer, and a few days later I buried him in the Parking lot. The defendant was convicted under paragraph 6 of part 2 of article 139 of the criminal code.

The offender will go to jail for 24 years and will serve his sentence in a penal colony under strict regime.

Photo: © Banowati


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