In China a boy sold his kidney for iPhone

A young man from China was not afraid to spend the rest of my life as an invalid in order to buy a brand new iPhone.

The young man sold a kidney on the black market, and with the money bought the now fashionable gadget. Traders bodies he found through social networks. There, in the Internet, the guy agreed on time and place of the operation. The next day he Packed a bag and went to another province.

Surprisingly, to experience the true pleasure of shopping the last guy couldn’t. It so happened that after a few months the doctors diagnosed him with kidney failure. His only kidney failed.

At the time of diagnosis he was 17 years old.

Unfortunately, for more than three years the boy lives on state benefits. Also he can’t take care of themselves, because they do not get out of bed.

The police detained doctors black market and sentenced them to five years in prison. And the family of the victim received a small monetary compensation.

Photo: © Banowati

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