In China you have swallowed lighter men burst stomach

In China, the young man miraculously survived after swallowing a cigarette lighter.

A curious incident occurred in the Chinese city of Shenyang. 23-year-old young man named Lee was vacationing with friends at the bar.

After imbibing several alcoholic drinks, he decided for a joke to swallow a lighter. That remove the lighter from the body would be problematic, he thought.

The next day the Chinese man became ill, he went to the hospital. Doctors have long thought what to do with a guy, because to operate it was impossible — the showed that gastric juice eats away the lighter and she may be about to explode.

Came to the aid of the endoscopist. A special device was able to capture the lighter and pull outward. Fortunately, the guy managed to save.

Photo: Pixabay

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