In Lithuania, an unusual rape case: it will go down in textbooks

Before the death of sick 86-year old mother-in-law called the police and accused the 65-year-old scientist working in one of Lithuanian universities in the rape.

Relatives of the women in one voice said that the man couldn’t do, women are not okay with the psyche, she often raved about and claimed that she was raped and she is going to give birth.

However, the police by law could not proceed with the investigation. The findings of the experts added even more confusion, it turned out that the woman was raped and the man was charged.

After the decision of the court in relation to men, the relatives of the dead woman continued to seek the truth and defend the honor and dignity of the scientist, whose name was tarnished.

Subsequently adopted a number of new examinations and found that there has been an incredible event, as it turned out, the woman’s body independently developed prostatic specific antigen, this protein is characteristic of men. However, neither the judge nor the expert did not even hear about such cases.

As informs, the court held that the scientist could not be blamed for rape, because there was no evidence of his guilt, the conclusions of the experts were wrong and the DOG was given for semen stains.

Photo: Pixabay


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