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In Minsk found an unknown portrait of Yanka Kupala


In Minsk found an unknown portrait of Yanka Kupala and two autographs. The authors findings are employees of the Moscow Museum of the classic of Belarusian literature.

As reported by ONT, the main Fund of the Museum holds more than 42,000 items. And in the scientific archive of hundreds not yet available to the public folders.

Is not a simple Potapchik, there napsana “hell Ya Mar I Instancename”. Geta I demonstracija hour, I geta demonstracija addon of nasaga Paet Yes pile sabrok, – says chief curator of the collections of the Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala Hope caevich.

According to the specialist, met Yanka Kupala Maria Hinovski in 1925 in Minsk. She worked as a librarian at the Union of writers. Picture the same probably applies to the 20-th years of the last century.

It is noted that the card has not even know the author of the first Belarusian personal encyclopedia. Although mentioned in the sources that Hainovsky has autographs of Kupala. Her descendants gave the artifacts to the Museum, which she helped to create.

To the word. In 2018, the Museum attracted more than 128,000 people. It includes the three most interesting places to visit along with Belarus the Mir castle and “Nesvizh”.

Photo: still of TV channel ONT


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