In St. Petersburg Belarusian took off from the 10th floor

In St. Petersburg killed Belarusian. The man was thrown from the balcony of the apartment located on the tenth floor of the house.

After the fall of the 37-year-old citizen of Belarus was killed. According to Russian media, the incident happened on the evening of March 6 in one of the houses on the Avenue of Cosmonauts.

That evening the Belarusian was in the apartment at the specified address with his 40-year-old familiar resident of St. Petersburg. Men spent time drinking alcoholic beverages.

At some time of the feast between citizens, a quarrel broke out. The Russians, proving his innocence, “sentenced” Belarusian to fall from the 10th floor shared balcony (the transition from the stairs to the Elevator).

The murderer was arrested the next day after the incident. In relation to the unemployed of St Petersburg opened a criminal case.

Photo: © Banowati

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