In the Lelchitsy district, the traffic violator was offered a bribe to the employee of GAI

To avoid penalties for violation of traffic rules, the driver of the Lelchitsy district tried to bribe the policeman a bribe.

According to UGAI ATC Gomel oblast Executive Committee, the violator on the MAZ stopped the inspector of traffic police of Ogai of Lelchitsy district Department of internal Affairs in the village Middle of the Oven.

During the inspection it turned out that the vehicle is no admission to participate in traffic. In addition, the driver transporting the load by breaking the rules.

The man offered a bribe to a police officer during drawing up administrative materials. The inspector warned the intruder that he’d better settle down, as this is punishable by criminal liability.

But the man insisted, with the result that the inspector was caused it is investigative-task force.

The driver was attracted not only to administrative, but also criminal liability. A criminal case under part 1 of article 14, part 1 of article 431 (attempt to bribe) of the criminal code of Belarus.

Photo: © Banowati

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