In the Netherlands, the man had covered a bomb: lay 3 hours

Three hours on the bomb had been a resident of the city of Venlo, located in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the man was not injured, reports the BBC.

From the details of the incident known, that an explosive device citizen found in the garden. And covered him with his body. So he spent three hours at the emergency arrived sappers.

It is reported that a terrible discovery was a shell during the Second world war. Initially, the man had him covered with sand, but when he heard like a whistle sounds, covered him with his body. While in the supine position, he called to the rescue.

In the area were evacuated more than hundred persons. Later the engineers found out that the ammunition was not explosives. However, that whooshing sound was heard by the man, is unclear. By the way, he is in hospital with hypothermia.

Photo: screenshot YouTube video

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