In the Stolin district drunk man shooting at dogs

Drunk man opened fire on the dogs.

The incident took place in the Stolin district on January 13 about three o’clock in the morning in the village of Olshany (Brest region). This was reported to the police Department of the Brest oblast Executive Committee.

According to available information, about the illegal behavior of men in the police said 17-year-old local resident. An unknown citizen in the courtyard of her house shot at the dogs, one of which was injured. To place promptly arrived employees of militia.

During the investigation managed to identify the shooter men. It was them 31-the summer local. When he was arrested, he was drunk – 2.8 ppm. Fire, he led from an unidentified rifle. His car was found the cartridges.

Now given a legal assessment of the actions of the man.

Photo: © Banowati

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