In the Svetlogorsk district, a woman during a party was stabbed

In the Svetlogorsk district, during a party a woman was stabbed.

The incident occurred on the evening of 30 December 2018 the town of Parichi (Svetlahorsk district). As reported in the Investigative Committee in Gomel region, in one of the private houses rested the company of two women and two men. At some point there was an attempt at murder.

According to preliminary information, the owner and her Beau after the feast, went to bed, and the second pair were left to celebrate. After some time, between the 33-year-old man and 36-year-old woman had a conflict. In result the citizen was stabbed in the heart.

Injured woman found a friend who woke up at night. The place was called the ambulance. The victim lost a lot of blood, but she managed to save.

The attacker in relation to men a criminal case under part 1 of article 14, part 1 of article 139 (“Attempt at murder”) the criminal code of Belarus. The investigation is ongoing.

Photo: © Banowati

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