In the United States have discovered a giant alligator the size of a car

In the southwest of the U.S. state of Georgia man found a giant alligator: his weight was 340 pounds, and the length is 4 meters.

Reptiles impressive sizes were found by the local Department of natural resources Brent house. Network users not just to believe published photos.

Alligators more than 3.5 meters are very rare in nature. Such a huge animal, according to the biologist, he meets for the first time in his entire career. In girth the body of a reptile reached 1.5 meters.

Surprisingly, a huge alligator just floundered in the ditch, when he was found people. Probably he was the victim of poachers, as it was discovered the gunshot wound. Unfortunately, the alligator had to be put down.

The biologist said that the animal was quite old and surprisingly, he even managed to survive in this area.

Photo: from open sources

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