In the US, mother with a baby got kicked off a plane because of the appearance

American complained in his Facebook on the staff of American Airlines, which not allowed her with a small child on the flight because of the rash on the face.

The woman told on his page on the social network that prior to boarding she was stopped by the airline staff and asked why her face and the child covered with a strange rash. The girl replied that they have a son born with a genetic disease ichthyosis, characterized by skin dryness and peeling.

After that, the officer retreated to confer with the crew, and when they returned, they told that she cannot Board the plane because of the appearance.

The woman had to stay in a hotel and buy tickets on another flight.

Never in my life have I been so disrespected! — wrote the Flake in your Facebook.

After the incident, American Airlines apologized to the woman and said that will attract employees accountable.

Photo: Facebook

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