In Ufa the woman fell from a broken chair in the hospital and died

In a hospital in Ufa, a woman fell from a broken chair, cracked his head and a few days later died.

An elderly resident of Ufa was sick with flu. The flu has caused serious complications, and the pensioner was admitted to the otolaryngology Department with suspected otitis media.

On the day when the accident happened, the woman was looking for the dining room at some point felt unwell and decided to sit on a chair, which, as it turned out, was broken. Patient fell and was hurt to the blood, somehow made it to the room.

She was diagnosed with traumatic brain injury. Nobody gave values of the incident: a woman’s head bandaged and all. When the patient’s condition deteriorated, she was transferred to the intensive care unit, made a artificial respiration, but it did not help.

The hospital doesn’t know how broken chair was in the hallway. Deputy chief doctor claims that there is no broken chair there never was.

Photo: © Banowati

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