In Vitebsk to “McDonald’s” has left the security services. Find out why

In Vitebsk abandoned backpack lying near the garbage cans, was the cause of the call special services.

As BelTA learnt from chief of service of advocacy, Maria Vorobyov, at 19.00 in the regional police Department called concerned local resident.

It is reported that near the building “McDonald’s” lies unattended backpack. Law enforcement officers have serious problems with this information.

Arrived at the scene by the bomb squad, brigade, emergency, ambulance. Building catering cordoned off. The danger zone was examined by cynologists with a dog. As it turned out, in the backpack there were womens things and student notes.

The backpack they took with them police officers. He awaits his mistress in the October Vitebsk police Department.

Photo: © Banowati

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