“Jude Mary”: the inscriptions of blood left the man after the murder of his wife and son

Became known the details of a brutal murder, which occurred this morning in Moscow.

A man killed his wife and five year old son. For this he used a kitchen knife and a screwdriver.

After the criminal offense wanted to commit suicide, but did not. The grandmother of the lost girl have prevented the death of a monster. Arrived on the scene, the ambulance was hospitalized in the hospital.

As it turned out, the detainee was the son of the famous writer Alexander Nikitin.

34-year-old Sawa has caused your child more than 75 wounds from which he died on the spot.

The offender has left on the walls of the eerie inscriptions blood of their relatives. He turned to his wife, calling her “Judas”. And the son wrote: “I gave birth to you, I’ll kill you!”

All circumstances of the incident are now being investigated. According to friends, the couple lived happily and rarely fight.

Photo: © Banowati


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