Kick skate nearly cut the throat of a hockey player

In the match of the NHL’s terrible death narrowly escaped a hockey player. The incident happened during a match between “the new York islanders and Toronto maple leafs”.

The defender of “the islanders”, a 35-year-old johnny Boychuk, at the side attacked forward rivals Mitch Marner. That during the fall hit by a skate to the neck of Boisaca. The last doctor of the team helped to leave the ice surface.

Fortunately, has done without serious consequences. Moreover, in the third period, the player again took to the ice. But, says the coach, “new York islanders”, from seriously injured hockey players were separated by only a few millimeters.

“I was just terrified, and I was very lucky that on top of me someone is watching. When you feel the blade at his neck, comes to mind a lot of scary thoughts,” – wrote in his Twitter account the athlete.

By the way, “new York islanders” literally “made” the canadian – the match ended with the score 6:1.

Photo: screenshot YouTube video

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