“Looks like a man.” The court did not believe the rape victim

Legal incident happened in Italy. The woman addressed with the statement that raped her.

The court did not believe the civilian world. The fact that she looked, in the opinion of the representatives of Themis, “like a man”.

The incident happened four years ago, but only recently became available to the General public. Then, in 2015, the 22-year-old girl went to the police and told his story.

According to the victim, in the evening with two classmates, by the way, her countrymen, she went to a bar to drink beer. She said that the boys had slipped into the drink of a narcotic substance.

Then one of them, taking advantage of her helplessness, has committed an act of abuse. And the second was standing “on guard”. Then the court of Ancona acknowledged the young people guilty and sentenced to imprisonment.

They filed an appeal. The panel of judges came to the conclusion that there was no crime because the victim does not look attractive enough in order to cause a desire to join with her in an intimate relationship.

The lawyer of rape victims filed an appeal to the Supreme court of cassation of Italy. He overturned the acquittal. The case was again sent for review.


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