Manicure will tell about the girl thing: “the study of” American “blew up” the Internet

The American has created a brochure for men that will help to determine the nature girl in her manicure.

The guy from Los Angeles named rocky has published in his Instagram a funny video, which has already reached 4.5 million views. The young man has created a guide, which described in detail what kind of character says a particular manicure girl.

Rocky made detailed diagrams, considering the color, length and shape of nails. So, the man is not recommended to choose life partner girls with long and sharp nails. In his opinion, these girls very treacherous and relations with them will not bring anything good.

Also, the guy advised men to avoid women with bright nails. The most “dangerous” guy thinks yellow nail. “These girls are capable of stealth and can easily bite off your head,” said rocky.

But girls with short nails, in the opinion of rocky, can be good wives and Housewives. The ideal life partner, according to specialist women’s manicure, wear a round or square nails, lacquered dudovich and pastel tones.



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